Protect your seedling in an innovative way

Nucleário increases the efficiency of tree planting, optimizing post-planting maintenance of the seedlings.

permanent crowning

The permanent solution for weeds competition

Nucleário prevents the growth of invading grasses around each seedling, creating a permanent crown area measuring 108 cm in diameter.
Inspired by the forest's leaf litter, Nucleário protects the soil and accumulates moisture, attracting biodiversity and increasing resilience. Nucleário also facilitates the identification and monitoring of seedlings after planting.
acumulo agua


Stock rainwater for dry periods

Inspired by the tank bromeliads water accumulation strategy, Nucleário accumulates rainwater, with a maximum capacity of 18 liters of water.

Increase your seedling's survival rate in the field

Through the capillary system, the stored water irrigates the soil slowly as needed by the seedling. O aumento de umidade do solo atrai biodiversidade e cria um microambiente mais favorável ao desenvolvimento da muda.

Made to assemble, disassemble and reuse.

With the innovative FlatSnap® assemble system you will be able to disassemble your product whenever you want, as well as reuse it in another seedling that needs protection.


The Anti-Ant Tower is a physical barrier against leaf-cutting ants, preventing ants from cutting the leaves of your plants.
With a negative form, the ants cannot pass through the Tower and thus their seedlings become protected without the need for chemical ant killers.
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Nucleário is manufactured with durable materials with UV protection in its composition, being NON-toxic to the environment. Our products are made to withstand adverse situations for several years, such as high insolation and torrential rain.

Track your planting remotely

In the field, our products facilitate the seedlings monitoring from distance, creating a new possibility for monitoring your forest planting.

Reduce accidental seedlings cuttings during maintenance

With Nucleário you can visualize where each of your seedlings is more easily, reducing accidental cuts of the plants in eventual grass mowing.

Product benefits

Collects rainwater
Controls invasive grasses
Blocks leaf-cutting ant attacks
Reduces loss of soil nutrients
Extends fertilizers lifecycle
Increases soil moisture
Reduce the use of herbicides
Reduce the use of ants killers
Facilitates post-planting monitoring

Increase the efficiency of your planted tree, optimizing the post-planting maintenance of your seedlings.

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Technical specifications

Module length
69 cm
27 in
Module width
48 cm
19 in
9 cm
3,5 in
Assembled product weight
1,2 kg
2,6 lb
Assembled product diameter
108 cm
42,5 in
Full water capacity
18 litros
2,1 gal
PP plastic
100% polyester fabric

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Is this product biodegradable?
No, this product is not biodegradable but it is reusable. This product was developed with weather-resistant materials to be reused many times in the field. This product does not leave any toxic residue in the environment. This product was developed with weather-resistant materials to be reused many times in the field. This product does not leave any toxic residue in the environment.
What tree species can I use Nucleário with?
This product was developed to work with several tree and shrub species, with no use restriction by species or biome.
How long do I need to use the product in each seedling?
Nucleário the time of use at each seedling depends on each location and species, being the user's responsibility to know the ideal moment to uninstall the product. On average, seedling development varies from 1,5 to 5 years after planting.
What to do when the seedling has reached sufficient size?
Nucleário was developed with durable materials to withstand being reused several times. You just need to uninstall the product and reassemble it in another seedling so that you can use it for several years.
Is this product recyclable?
Yes, this product can be recycled at the end of its usage period. We recommend properly disposing of the product for recycling.

Protect your seedlings in an innovative way!

Take this possibility to plant healthier trees, with less maintenance work, higher survival rate, and less use of pesticides.
Nature thanks you!

I want to improve my plants
Increases seedling survival rate
maintenance work
Boosts soil 
Reduce the use of pesticides
Facilitates post-planting
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