We build autonomous tree planting systems to restore forests across the planet.

Nucleário natureza biomimética


Promote healthier ecosystems by restoring degraded landscapes


Provide the best autonomous tree planting solutions to restore forests at a large scale

Our Values


We look to nature to guide our decisions. We carry a deep respect for all of nature, and understand that our decisions affect the health of our planet.


Pragmatic optimism and resilience shape our pioneering spirit. The thrill of discovery is our spring, and generates courage to turn our big dreams into reality.


Integrity and transparency are paramount to achieving our goals. True relationships are the foundation of our business.


We care deeply about quality and we know details make the difference. We strive to learn from mistakes, continuously evolving our products and processes to embody high standards of quality.
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Bruno Rutman Nucleário CEO founder

Bruno Rutman

CEO - FOUNDER | Product Designer
Industrial designer graduated from PUC-Rio in 2010, Bruno brings to Nucleário his potential to develop disruptive innovations combined with business strategy.
As an explorer and nature enthusiast, he is passionate about extreme sports, including white water kayaking, paragliding, climbing, and mountain biking.
Nucleário Pedro Rutman CMO founder

Pedro Rutman

CMO - FOUNDER | Visual Designer
Visual designer graduated from PUC-Rio in 2012, Pedro brings to Nucleário his potential to create powerful brands, aligned with sales and marketing strategies.
Looking deeply into nature, Pedro loves to travel in wild places to go kayaking in white waters, climbing, and paint botanical watercolors.


Forest restoration of riparian forests and mountain tops are vital for the sustainability of river and water resources quality. The Nucleário planting system was developed to plant more forests in less time.

Nucleário improves directly the working conditions of the planting teams, simplifying the arduous task of planting in degraded areas in addition to reducing the seedling mortality rate. With the growth of forests, the population benefits from improved water and air quality, in addition to living with natural beauty. Our strategies align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN.

Our strategies align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN.
Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável - ONU
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