The Ant Tower is an ecological alternative to combat leaf-cutting ants, without the use of chemical ant killers. Stop losing your seedlings to leafcutter ants!

protection against ants
proteção anti formigas cortadeiras


We've improved our leaf-cutter ant barrier and it's now more resistant and efficient.
The negative shape of the ant tower does not allow ants to access the seedlings and cut their leaves. All of this without the use of ant killers or any chemical agents.
Nature thanks you!

ecological solution

The Ant Tower is an innovative physical barrier that offers effective protection against the access of leaf-cutting ants to the seedlings. It is an ecologically responsible solution, replacing the use of chemical ant killers, which not only eliminate leaf-cutting ants, but also other insects that are equally important for the ecological balance.

With the Ant Tower implementation, it is possible to preserve the local biodiversity, promoting the harmonious coexistence between the different species of insects and plants. In this way, we contribute to the maintenance of the ecosystem in a sustainable and conscious way.
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Made to assemble, disassemble and reuse.

With the innovative FlatSnapu00ae assemble system you will be able to disassemble your product whenever you want, as well as reuse it in another seedling that needs protection.


The Ants Tower is manufactured with highly durable materials with an anti-UV additive in its composition, being NON-toxic to the environment.    We guarantee that our products will last, even under the sun, wind and rain all year round.

Track your planting remotely

Nossos produtos em campo permitem que vocu00ea reconheu00e7a as espu00e9cies das mudas u00e0 distancia, criando uma nova possibilidade de acompanhamento em seu plantio florestal.

Reduce accidental seedlings cuttings during maintenance

-With the Nucleu00e1rio Ants Tower you can visualize where your seedlings are, with more comfort, facilitating post-planting monitoring and even reducing accidental cuts of the plants in eventual mowing. 

Product benefits

Blocks leaf-cutting ant attacks
Shades the root of plants
Replaces the use of insecticides
Does not kill beneficial ants
Reusable and collapsible
Facilitates post-planting monitoring

Protect your seedlings and make peace with leafcutter ants.

I want to protect my seedlings

Technical specifications

Internal diameter of the assembled Ant Tower
14 cm
5,5 in
External diameter of the Ant Tower assembled
28 cm
11 in
Height of the assembled Ant Tower
35 cm
14 in
material thickness
0,4 mm
0,15 in
PP plastic

Combine Nucleu00e1rio products

Add other Nucleu00e1rio products to have a more complete solution in your planting.

The Ant Tower can be used in together with the Nucleu00e1rio product or with the Planting Crown product, adding water accumulation and weed control competition to your barrier against leaf-cutting ants.

Water Disc

Nucleu00e1rio product accumulates rainwater and prevents invasive grasses growth, replacing post-planting maintenance.

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Planting Crown

The Planting Crown prevents the invasive grasses growth in the area around the seedling, reducing manual weeding work.

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A protection combo
for your seedling!

Combine the Ant Tower with the Planting Crown for more security in your forestry planting

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What type of trees can I use in the Nucleu00e1rio Ant Tower?
This product was developed to work on different tree and shrub species, with no restrictions on use by species or biome.
How long do I need to use the product in each seedling?
The time of use  per seedling of the Ant Tower varies for each species, and it is the user's responsibility to know the ideal moment to uninstall the product. On average, seedling development ranges from 1 year to 3 years after planting.
What to do when the seedling has reached sufficient size?
O Nucleu00e1rio foi desenvolvido com materiais duru00e1veis para suportar ser reutilizado diversas vezes. Basta desmonta-lo e remonta-lo em outra muda, assim pode-se usa-lo por vu00e1rios anos.
Is this product biodegradable?
No, this product is not biodegradable but reusable. This product was developed with highly weather resistant materials to be reused several times in the field. This product leaves no residue in the environment.
Is this product recyclable?
Sim, este produto pode ser reciclado no fim de seu peru00edodo de uso. Recomendamos que fau00e7a o descarte correto do produto para reciclagem.
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